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: +639273428928
: Philippines, Manila
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Hey there. I'm Salt. I won't lie about my age like others do. I'm 26 YO. I am 5'2 in feet and inches tall, 160 in centimeter, I'm 45 kilogram, 90 in pounds. I'm not skinny but I got a cuddly body. I got great body, very sexually. I am very attractive and very sexually attractive. How do I look like from the picture is that exactly how I look like in real, not like the others editing pictures. I am very feminine, best to describe my feminity, I got 6 inches feet size, I'm 26 YO but I never had hair on my face, never ever try to shave. I agree that I'm perfect from head to toe, I'm really am. I am endimand in the Internet as well when I go outbound clubs, bars and cafe, most of the guys in bars, cl